Slow isn’t sexy but it is what it takes.

Most people give up because they underestimate the work in front of them. They think they can do all of the things in a fraction of the time but this mindset creates negative self perception because you end up missing your mark. Instead, think big, think long term, know that slow isn’t sexy but slow is sustainable.

Inspired bY My Experience

Learn by doing.

Curious? Try it!
Want to learn something new? Learn it!

What are you waiting for? Learn by doing—that's the only way you'll become better. Simply reading and talking won't move you forward—you've got to be doing.

Inspired bY My Experience

Slow down to speed up.

Sometimes sprinting full speed ahead means that you're sprinting full speed into a brick wall—that's not going to feel good.

We slow down to figure things out before sprinting face first into a wall.

Inspired bY My Experience

Choose growth over comfort.

When things get hard, we push through the pain because we know what we're capable of doing and we're willing to sacrifice short term pain for long term gain.

Inspired bY My Experience

Work out loud.

Creating and sharing your work-in-progress can be terrifying. We trust each other to work out loud so that we don't get stuck in a rabbit hole and lose precious time.

We want to become better, sometimes it's hard to hear feedback on something we've created or worked on—we commit to hearing, feeling, and seeking understanding.

We commit to working to not take feedback as a personal slight, but as a gift to help us become better.

Inspired bY My Experience

Think long term.

We're in this for life. We don't shortcut steps because it's easier or less painful.

We're here for what's best for you 5 years from now—not just 5 minutes.

Inspired bY My Experience

The box sells the cereal.

People are attracted to how something looks before they give it a chance. Keep this in mind when producing creative.

Inspired bY a random person at an event

Do good, have fun, make money.

We're generous with our resources because we believe that we're here to make our community a better place to live, work and play.

We work hard so that we can give generously.

Inspired bY Matt Mochary

Every client. Every time. No exceptions. No excuses.

Our clients are the lifeblood of our company. With no clients, we don't exist.

Therefore we hold our team to the highest level of client service, prioritizing their needs without excuse.

Treat our clients with respect. They pay us well to treat them well. Give them respect and deliver quickly.

Finish what we start with speed and efficiency so we get to move forward to the next work we’re blessed with.

Inspired by Quicken Loans

Simplicity is genius.

We do the hard work of knowing our world so well that we make it simple for anyone to understand.

Our values are an example of this. We don't need to reinvent the wheel—other people with more experience than us show us the way.

We want to be our clients easy button.

Inspired by Quicken Loans

Numbers and money follow; they don’t lead.

We invest into our shared vision of what we want for our world. We know that for us to live up to our potential that we must have faith in our vision—and do the work to make it a reality.

Inspired by Quicken Loans