It's time to step into the life of abundance.

December 6, 2020

Living up your best self through respecting and loving yourself, through wishing well for yourself like you wish well for others, through knowing your value and contribution to society is more than simply work contribution—it's contribution of your mind, your view, your stance, your acts of kindness, care for others.

Smile more. Stress less.

Build momentum so you don't stay and wallow in your setbacks—instead you course correct and keep going when there's an unexpected turn in the road.

One thing we must remember: every road has turns in it. It's part of the experience of driving.

Get the analogy? We know that as a matter of being alive that we're going to encounter unexpected and unwelcome experiences into our lives. This is part of being alive. It comes with life.

We get the joy of experiencing the most pleasant and amazing things, and sometimes we've got to deal with a bunch of things that makes us feel sad, depressed, and down.

Thrive Mindset

August 31, 2020

Your goal should not be to maintain, your goal should be to thrive.

How do you move yourself from maintain the status quoto a thrive mindset?

You’ve got to believe in your ability to create abundance for your life.

Then be disciplined to do the daily required work to consistently move closer to your vision of abundance.

It's time to cut the fat

August 27, 2020

Remove things and people that no longer contribute to where you desire to be.

Be ruthless about it. Accept no excuses, do not settle—leave negative habits and people behind.

I work with amazing people

Matt Langdon

Matt Langdon

Director at Hero Round Table

Bill was astoundingly professional at all stages in the partnership. His knowledge in the domain is hard to match (I certainly haven't met anyone who can) and his way of thinking through ideas is superb. I highly recommend him.

Dichondra R. Johnson

Dichondra R. Johnson

MBA, MPA Presenter | Founder | Executive Consultant

Bill is an awesome storyteller in a riveting visual way that pulls you in and captures the essence of excitement! He is personable and a great collaborative partner! Highly recommend working with Bill!

Jonathan Braue

Jonathan Braue

Co-Founder and CEO at Woodward Original

Bill is one of those creatives that seems to always be building something new. An entrepreneur at heart with a great eye for design, you can count on him to find innovative solutions to unique problems. Bill is always reliable in getting the job done beyond set expectations. He's also just a really cool guy.

At companies you love

I'm grateful to have worked with amazing people at industry leading companies.

1800 Tequila
Common Citizen
DTE Energy
Owens Corning
Quicken Loans
Red Bull
Rock Ventures
United Way

I get to build, buy, and grow amazing companies with a team of wonderful people.

I'm grateful to invest in people, products, and brands that I believe in.

Mammoth! Agency

Mammoth! Studio is a Video Marketing Agency helping brands & businesses build influence online.

The problem we’re solving: Too many businesses are wasting their money paying for marketing that goes nowhere, no one sees, and does nothing.

How we're solving it: We combine creative video production and marketing to help our partners consistently produce high quality video content that engages and grows your target audience.


Marketing Agency
& Video Production



Mammoth! Party

Mammoth! Party is a team of professional photographers, marketers, and creatives who design kick-ass photo booth experiences.

We've been making events unforgettable with the best photo booths you've ever seen since 2012.


Red Bull, Owens Corning, WeWork, Lululemon, Shinola, Quicken Loans, 1800 Tequila, Bedrock, Hulu, Starbucks


Event Marketing Services & Photography



Jobs Created



Flassh is an all-in-one photo booth app for Parties, Weddings, Event Organizers, and Photo Booth Companies!


Software as a Service



Jobs Created



Put your brand front and center with beautiful online galleries for your event photos and videos.


Software as a Service



Jobs Created


Bill Hamway on Making Mammoth Podcast

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