I build, buy, and grow brands.

I invest in products, brands, and people I believe in.

I focus on business strategy and operations, creating systems and processes to streamline workflows.

I believe in a world where everyone is empowered to pursue their vision.

That's me, Bill Hamway!

Brand Spotlight

I invest in products, brands, and people I believe in.

What is it?

Simple Photo Booth Software

Who is the audience?

HR teams who invest into their culture through team events.

Families with life events like weddings, birthday parties, grad parties.

How can I use it?

Turn your camera and computer into an instant photo booth for your next event.

Design Spotlight

A quick design overview.


Design a simple app for event marketers to use their event photos and videos as brand marketing to collect audience data to create targeted marketing.


I designed and prototyped the app from Figma – my favorite design collaboration tool.


Collaborated with remote development team via Figma and Slack.

Community Spotlight

I've grown up loving being part of communities of people who share similar passions. I've been blessed with ability and resources, so being able to share is a gift I happily give.

Night to Shine

Event Director

Partnered with Tim Tebow Foundation to host a Prom for People with Special Needs. We have 400 guests come out to be the superstars of the night!

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Thought of the day.

A thought to make you slow down and think for a moment.

Just because someone has more experience than you, doesn’t mean they always have the right answer. Listen to your gut, voice your opinion, let logic sway your thoughts – not intimidation.

August 14, 2019

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