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This is life now. Accept it for what it is.


This is life now. Accept it for what it is.

If I had a family, I would be doing a little bit different thinking and planning.

But regardless, I still know my vision of life. My vision doesn't change because of my circumstance of today or this year, the next two years, my vision for this for my life remains the same.

I'm going to stay focused on the things I can control.

I can control my  effort, put in towards that.

I might have other variables, like I can't go out or I might lose a revenue stream.

So what can I do? What is within my control that I can change? To move forward and just keep moving forward.

It's kind of like rolling with the punches. Sometimes you get hit with one, but you're trying to dodge him or you're just trying to go with it.

But you can't ever lose your aggressiveness. You just don't want to go full defense.

Sometimes you need to—but you still need to be attacking. You still need to be making moves going forward.