June 18, 2020

1 min

If you think you can do anything, that's also dangerous.


Breana: I think that if you ask for things, you'll receive them, but if you think you can do anything, that's also dangerous.

Bill: It's dangerous to an extent. And there's so many different conditions to that.  I would say I have a high level of confidence in my ability to figure out most things that I want to be able to figure it out.

Like, no, you can't do anything. If you have a really big ego and if you're a psychopath and if you believe you can do anything, then yes, obviously not good, but there's certain things that the mindset of "I believe that I can do anything" is healthy. I believe that I can do most of the things that I want to do because I'm willing to stick with it long enough and I'm willing to do the work long enough.

I know that eventually if I keep doing the work, if I keep trying to get better, if I keep learning and learning and growing and taking action day over day, is that eventually that I can do whatever I want to do.

But that's with pretty healthy perspective.

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Bill Hamway