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Guest Post

December 9, 2019

Budget Guide: Hiring a Photo Booth for Your Corporate Event

We spoke with four photo booth experts, Bill Hamway of Mammoth!, Will Scheren of OrcaVue, Jacqueline Marcelo of POPsocial, and Dustin Ross of StudioBooth, to develop a four-tier budget guide to help you know what to spend at your next corporate event.


October 13, 2019

Taste for Tenacity—Shorten Your Learning Cycle and Obey Your DNA with Bill Hamway

On this week's episode of Taste For Tenacity, I chat with Bill Hamway. Bill has been both an intrapreneur and an entrepreneur, and he emphasizes the importance of putting your people first. He struggled with reforming a founder's vision, and he would ultimately launch his own photo booth company.


July 5, 2018

Spencer Talks With Bill Hamway About Personal Branding & Social Media

Should you be infecting your social media with personal branding? That's just one of the questions that Spencer and Bill take on during this episode of Spencer Talks With. During this episode, you can engage with questions like "what is personal branding?", "how are you adding to social media addiction?", and "what are 5 steps you can take to jump-start your personal branding on social media?".