I design easy-to-use software

Software should make our life easier—I design simple software through talking with people and testing our assumptions—to learn and consistently iterate to deliver big results over time.

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Personal Project

Jobs Board Experiment

The MVP was a web scraper that pulled in newly listed jobs from varies job sites.

Personal Project

Startups in Detroit

Get hired at the best startups in Detroit.


Team Member Directory

I co-led a skunk works team that built software that makes it easy as a Google search to find anyone in our 17,000+ person organization by their name, skills, or interest.

Organizations I've worked with

I'm grateful to have worked with amazing people at industry leading companies.

1800 Tequila
Common Citizen
DTE Energy
Owens Corning
Quicken Loans
Red Bull
Rock Ventures
United Way

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Bill Hamway